Simply me and my musings


You were my escape but I don’t need one anymore

Alone, I’m learning to face the world with uninhibited intent

I have grown out of the girl you love and I am no longer sorry


Winter’s Blush

Basking in the sunshine, reading drowsily as a gentle breeze caresses the pages- I cannot hide my love from spring.


my heart does not beat but paces;

an uneasy stirring amongst placidity

as madness stalks and creeps

that which is helpless to run

I watched the storm and wanted to become her

Could’a Would’a Should’a

‪I don’t know how to feel so I won’t‬

‪No… I wouldn’t‬

‪I always knew I couldn’t‬

‪But… Perhaps I had‬

‪So, what was that?‬


I cannot stop pushing you away

Realizing I cannot love you without hating myself

Has left me unsure of what to do with my hands

That both reach out and reject

(Or what I want you to do with yours)

Loneliness Is My Oldest Lover

You gave me distance

That was your mistake

I’m in love with Misery

Familiar with heart ache

Do not be shocked

That I’m comfortable alone

I’ve only ever belonged to myself

And never believed in home

I told myself I’d never be naive and oh, the beautiful irony-To know it is a wolf beneath the wool, yet still cry out in shock when it devours me.

-The Wise Sheep’s Naivety 


Love me

Leave me

Synonyms on your tongue

Kiss me

Curse me

An attempt to live while young

First peace

First war

Disagreement of the mind

The present

The future

They leave each other blind

Her judgment

His prospecting

Leave too much at stake

Her heart

His freedom

A bend about to break

Twisted Trinity

I’m letting go of the ones I love

Lest they hurt from holding onto me

I climbed too far and was pulled down

From Eden’s apple tree

A taste of fruit, knowledge cursed,

How I agonized over all I cannot be

So I offered my soul, begged to feel less alone,

Now Death, Devil, and I make three